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Electric guitars. Swinging microphone stands. Pounding drums. Go Go Retro brings the excitement and authenticity from bands of the past back where they belong…on the stage!
Compromised of some of the finest musicians, performers, and entertainers on the East Coast, Go Go Retro aims to unite the nostalgia of the classics with the quick-paced and upbeat style that keeps people dancing in today’s entertainment industry. Whether it’s Queen, Whitney Houston, Aerosmith or any other artist that changed the course of music history, the sights and sounds of these artists are brought back to life through Vinny, Kira, Greg, Greg, and Mikey.
Go Go Retro has played every type of event from weddings to dive bars and everywhere in between, and with decades of stage experience amongst the group, their performances are just like the music that they chose to pay tribute to — timeless.