Twenty One Pilots Tribute in 21 Days

In week three of the 2020 quarantine, I was hit with the realization that I had time to do something. Anything. Whatever I wanted. Time to work on a project that otherwise would not have made sense. I felt like a kid approaching summer break. What to do with my time?
I’ve had an itch for a few years to put together a Twenty One Pilots tribute show. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to make that happen…well…except just one person instead of two. All good. I reached out to the social media community to see if anyone would be interested in seeing a TOP livestream tribute. I received a heavier response than I anticipated. Time to get to work!
With no plan other than “do this right” in my head, I announced that I would be performing a livestream tribute to Twenty One Pilots in 21 days. 3 weeks. I like a deadline. It pushes me and leaves no time to slack. Every day must be used to move the project forward. So that is what I did.
With the set list selected, I got to work learning lyrics, piano parts, finding synth sounds, assembling backing tracks. I wanted this to be special, so I designed a new light/video/keyboard setup and began programming the show. Additionally, I had to experiment with multi-camera, steaming software for the first time to see if I could even pull off the vision in my head. I put more on my plate than I anticipated. Oops.
In the end, the whole project was a success. The performance streamed live on Three Hive’s Twitch channel, and generated 782 unique viewers while raising $1,660 for the Four Diamonds charity through these efforts.
To see how this whole show came together, please watch this behind the scenes vlog.

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