Our team strives to deliver a unique and personalized experience from start to finish for our audiences and clients.





“Wow, this space was just awesome. We had a big EPK Shoot and this space allowed us the flexibility of having three different shoots going at once. We were filming on the cyc wall, photography on the stage, and interviewing in the back room all at the same time! Jeff and his team went above and beyond, both in preparation, local hiring, and day of production. I book a lot of studios nationwide, and this is the best experience we’ve ever had by far. Next time I’m needing a spot in PA, I will for sure be reaching out to Jeff and the Three Hive team! (Thank yall!!)”

Molly P.
Hearst Media Production Group

“Absolutely incredible experience. The professionalism, high quality equipment, friendly hosts and enjoyable environment really made our experience worthwhile and fun. Will definitely do business again. Highly recommended!!”

Anthony G
Three Hive Studios Client

“5 stars… Simply put: Unforgettable. We held our reception in Newport, RI and had the privilege of having Go Go Gadjet play our wedding. The guys were so unbelievably accommodating and kept the energy going throughout the entire evening. Not only was everyone raving about how amazing they were during the event itself, but it was all everyone talked about the next day. I own and manage a wedding venue and have the privilege of working with some of the industry’s leading event professionals. Among all my experiences, Go Go Gadjet was second to none. We could not recommend them more.”

Zachary J
Go Go Gadjet Wedding Client

“We had the pleasure of experiencing Magical Mystery Doors at Ocean Casino Resort. I was completely blown away. This is a highly talented group of musicians with exceptional vocals. It was truly an experience to see. It felt like a high end production with incredible lighting and visuals. The musicians have the ability to move between instruments and create unique mashups combining songs in a respectful and fun way. I was disappointed when it was over so I knew we had to come back again. I can’t wait to share this with our friends.”

Karen D
Magical Mystery Doors Audience Member

“I had an amazing experience! The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly throughout the entire session. The studio itself was spacious and well-equipped, literally a one-stop destination for everything! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to bring my creative vision to life. Highly recommended!”

Abby B
Three Hive Studios Client



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