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With the combination of elite musicianship, fast-paced mashups, exciting performers, and modern lighting/imagery, Go Go Gadjet has developed an event experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s their 30 songs in 30-minute Power Hour medleys, their audience-engaging drum routines, the stunning lighting and video displays, or their ability to modernize timeless classics to match the vibe and energy of today’s biggest hits… Go Go Gadjet has become a powerhouse for events both public and private. In 2022 alone, the band received over 550 booking inquiries, a testament to their loyal fans and exceptional appeal.


Winner of USA Today’s Best Casino Show of 2022, Magical Mystery Doors is a tribute act that blends and layers the music of three legendary bands to create something new and unique for music fans everywhere: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors. Patrons attending a Magical Mystery Doors performance can expect to hear timeless tunes from each of these historic bands as well as new arrangements that surprise and delight audiences time and again. With a lineup a top-tier multi-instrumentalists, and a visual display that holds up to any national act, MMD has positioned itself as THE act to see.

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“5 stars… Simply put: Unforgettable. We held our reception in Newport, RI and had the privilege of having Go Go Gadjet play our wedding. The guys were so unbelievably accommodating and kept the energy going throughout the entire evening. Not only was everyone raving about how amazing they were during the event itself, but it was all everyone talked about the next day. I own and manage a wedding venue and have the privilege of working with some of the industry’s leading event professionals. Among all my experiences, Go Go Gadjet was second to none. We could not recommend them more.”

Zachary J
Go Go Gadjet Wedding Client

“We had the pleasure of experiencing Magical Mystery Doors at Ocean Casino Resort. I was completely blown away. This is a highly talented group of musicians with exceptional vocals. It was truly an experience to see. It felt like a high end production with incredible lighting and visuals. The musicians have the ability to move between instruments and create unique mashups combining songs in a respectful and fun way. I was disappointed when it was over so I knew we had to come back again. I can’t wait to share this with our friends.”

Karen D
Magical Mystery Doors Audience Member

“We bought tickets for the Magical Mystery Doors Band at the Cabot Theatre not fully knowing what to expect and let me tell you, it was a home run. Aside from the selected songs, the brilliant arrangements, and superb sound, the show was just plain old fashion fun. The musicians were individually very talented, but more so, they were a solid team complimenting and playing off of eachother like you would expect of a tier band, like the Stones. They had charisma. They connected to the audience. For that one night, we were one, sharing a common experience. I urge people to seek them out, and for the Cabot to invite them back. It was not your run of the mill rock show. It was so much more.”

Magical Mystery Doors Audience Member

“Words cannot describe how thankful we are to you guys for making our wedding the best night of our lives! You guys were off the charts amazing. The amount of energy you brought was infectious and every single one of our 185 guests was dancing the entire night. This includes our 90 year old grandmother! Thank you for being the best band in the world and really making our night the best night of our lives. “

Michael & Regina
Go Go Gadjet Wedding Clients


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